Work Based Training Testimonials

Employer Feedback

“Emily has been brilliant, and she has proved to herself she can do Maths! I very much hope she stays on with us.”

“We rate your service very highly, to the extent that we have not used another provider over the last 18 months.”

“We were delighted with the learning experience, training and development we received through RALSS. It has improved our performance and helped to shape our business through our team. There is still much to be done and we will continue to work with RALSS wherever we can.”

“We have had two apprentices in our nursery and we have found them to be a real benefit to the setting. We like the fact the programme allows the apprentice to gain a qualification while at the same time experiencing the practice and routine of a nursery setting. We have watched our apprentices gain a good knowledge base of the job, legislation and be able to show good practice.
Our apprentices have come on so much with their self-confidence and confidence with the children in their care since they started the programme.”

“We completed the interview process and were impressed with the quality of Apprentices that were made available to us. We took on Katie and have never looked back. She has proved to be a valuable member of the team and has truly been a Godsend. Katie had progressed very quickly with her coursework and passed with flying colours. At the same time she provided us with valuable support whilst we were going through an aggressive growth curve and because of her commitment, we took her off the Apprenticeship wage earlier than we needed to.”

“So long as you give your Apprentice the support, development, a career path or goal, and always listen to them, your business will reap what you sow. I would highly recommend RALSS Training for managing your Apprenticeship needs.”

Learner Feedback

“Sarah was my assessor and she was very helpful to me and I liked meeting up with her for our meetings. I am dyslexic so sometimes struggle with organising my work and Sarah helped me with my organisation and I was given filters for my PC to help me to read more clearly online. I was given a pay rise when I was half way through the apprenticeship to say thank you for my hard work and when I finished my apprenticeship I was offered a permanent job with another pay rise.”

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to others as it helps you learn new skills and better yourself in an area you may need more help in. Completing a customer service apprenticeship has helped with my confidence, an area I always struggled with.”

“Since starting my apprenticeship both Rutland adult learning and Mana Resourcing have helped me improve my learning and life skills and get an inside perspective into a business environment. Since joining the team at Mana Resourcing I have enjoyed every moment working at this recruitment firm and I have felt thoroughly welcomed into their family atmosphere. I would advise anyone to undertake an apprenticeship in Rutland as it is a worthwhile scheme and a beneficial journey into the life of work.”

“I would recommend an apprenticeship to all young learners, as it is a quick and easy way to help the early stages of your career. Apprenticeships are a good way of earning money and working at the same time, also you are learning nother the theory side and gaining the experience by working there too. You have the time to express your creative skills with the children and bring in your ideas as well as working together with tasks already set.”