Fee Information

Our courses are subsidised by the Skills Funding Agency and, in some cases, there is no tuition fee to pay. Our fee policy is available from this link, if you would like more information. Where fees are paid, no refunds are available for cancellations made by you within the 7 days before the start of the course, or at any time thereafter unless there are particular circumstances that are covered by our Refunds Policy.

We will make every effort to start, and complete, your course.  However, there are a range of circumstances which may prevent us from being able to deliver the advertised courses.  In the case of low class numbers, staff sickness, industrial action, severe weather conditions, or any circumstance which may affect the Health & Safety of staff or learners, we may decide to cancel a session or a whole course.

In these cases, we will refund learners for any complete missed sessions, or offer an extra session to complete a course.

Concessions may be available, but evidence of entitlement to the benefits listed will be needed before concessions are applied.

If you need extra support, financially or academically, please see our support pages.

Free Courses

Classroom Qualification Courses – FREE if:

  • You are in receipt of Job Seekers’ Allowance or ESA
  • You are aged 16-18 on 31/08/2017
  • You are unemployed and in receipt of Income Support, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, or are a dependant of a Working Tax Credits claimant (NOT Child Tax Credit) – (declaration form required)

The course is Skills for Life English or Maths, inc GCSE

These courses will have an AEB code, e.g AEB5

Other Concessions

We offer a 25% discount on Community Learning Courses if your annual household income is below £20,817.

Community Learning Courses – 50% Discount if:

  • You are in receipt of Job Seekers’ Allowance or ESA
  • You are in receipt of Pensions Guarantee Credit
  • You are in receipt of Income Support, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit
  • You are in receipt of Working Tax Credit (NOT Child Tax Credit)

These courses will have a C code, e.g. C50 

EYFS courses are not eligible for any fee remission.