Early Years Foundation Stage training

Rutland’s children & young people are entitled to the best possible life chances that we can give them – from their early years through to adulthood and employment.

Our key priority is to champion these children & young people to meet their full potential, supported by qualified and trained staff. Rutland County Council works closely with RALSS and other training partners, such as the Rutland Teaching Alliance and the Council’s Children’s Social Care department, to deliver valuable, high-quality training and CPD opportunities throughout the year.

It is vital that practitioners attend training in order to keep up-to-date with legislation and further develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. Professional development training continues to focus in Ofsted inspections – inspectors will ask how staff teams’ knowledge and understanding are developed, and how this and their supervisions / monitoring of performance is having an impact both within the setting and on the children attending Early Years provisions.

All training and CPD opportunities are displayed in the Council’s Training Directory. If you would like to book onto any events displayed, please see page 25 for the relevant information. If you have any queries, please email Sophie – shayes@rutland.gov.uk.