Course Code: LSP29
Course Dates: Monday, 7 Sep 2020 to 7 Dec 2020
Course Time: Afternoon, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Number of Sessions: 12
Venue: Oakham Enterprise Park

Topics will include:
❖ Making reference to and commenting news articles.
❖ Writing a news article.
❖ Grammar: past tenses, passive voice, impersonal structures, direct object complements.
❖ Lexical resources: range of verbs used when communicating information.
❖ News media forms and types.
❖ History and politics.
Course outcomes:
Learners will be able to:
❖ Research, refer and explain topic specific news.
❖ Analyse and identify verb’ styles and options used when writing or presenting news’ stories.
❖ Take up an opportunity to write an article using the studied structures and expressions.
❖ Read and understand texts written at B1.1/B1.2 level at B1 level.

Course Fee: £120.00

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