Course Code: LSP28T3
Course Dates: Wednesday, 21 Apr 2021 to 14 Jul 2021
Course Time: Evening, 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm
Number of Sessions: 12
Venue: Oakham Enterprise Park

Who it’s for:

For learners with five years of Spanish studies or equivalent who are familiar with regular and irregular tenses of the indicative mood and present of the subjunctive mood; for those able to interact with others in Spanish with little or no need of using English.

What you’ll learn:

Topics covered include vocabulary and expressions used in the narration of stories and history; verbs and connectors used in story writing; narrating in the past, situating and linking events in time; grammar: indirect speech, pretérito pluscuamperfecto, time markers; the Spanish civil war, the war children, an Argentinian story, a narrative by Eduardo Galeano; and the continuous improvement and development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Share your knowledge and memories of childhood stories.
  • Learn about stories of Spanish speaking cultures and reflect on the likenesses and parallels with those of your own.
  • Study and begin to use the indirect speech when retelling events.
  • Refer to past events locating and linking them in the past.
  • Learn about the Spanish civil war and its impact on the Spanish children.
  • Take up an opportunity to participate in a story-writing competition.
  • Read and understand the main points of texts written at A2.2/B1.1 level.

Course Fee: £126

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