Course Code: APH25
Course Dates: Saturday, 7 Nov 2020 to 7 Nov 2020
Course Time: Daytime, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Number of Sessions: 1
Venue: Oakham Enterprise Park

What will I learn?
You’ll learn how to analyse pictures using a specific set of criteria, which will lead to you improving your photography. You’ll then focus on applying this in a practical session and reviewing the results to guide further improvement.

There will be a guided practical session at a nearby village location from 12:30pm – 3pm, where participants will choose a theme and an aspect of photography they wish to improve. The tutor will give one-to-one advice during this session. After the session, you’ll return to RALSS and analyse and discuss the pictures you’ve taken. The tutor will guide you in setting your own goals for further practice.
Course outcomes:
You’ll learn how to:
• Analyse the factors that determine a successful picture
• Set your own goals for specific improvement
• Practice techniques to improve photography
• Review and analyse your own work to identify further ways to improve.

Course Fee: £35

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Photography: Further Skills

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