Course Code: AEB17
Course Dates: Monday, 29 Apr 2019 to 22 Jul 2019
Course Time: Morning, 9:45 am to 12:15 pm
Number of Sessions: 12
Venue: Oakham Enterprise Park

What will I learn?
• Understand and use positive and negative numbers of any size in practical contexts;
• Carry out calculations with numbers of any size in practical contexts, to a given number of decimal places;
• Understand, use and calculate ratio and proportion, including problems involving scale;
• Understand and use equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages;
• Understand and use simple formulae and equations involving one- or two-step operations;
• Recognise and use 2D representations of 3D objects;
• Find area, perimeter and volume of common shapes;
• Use, convert and calculate using metric and, where appropriate, imperial measures;
• Collect and represent discrete and continuous data, using ICT where appropriate;
• Use and interpret statistical measures, tables and diagrams, for
• discrete and continuous data, using ICT where appropriate;
• Use statistical methods to investigate situations;
• Use probability to assess the likelihood of an outcome.

These subjects will be delivered step by step, by an experienced tutor, but you will need to practice your new skills at home as well.

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