Course Code: APH264T3
Course Dates: Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022 to 25 Jan 2022
Course Time: Morning, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Number of Sessions: 1
Venue: Oakham Enterprise Park

Who it’s for:

This course is for anyone interested in working alongside others to improve their ability to take portrait photographs using techniques that don’t need much additional equipment. Participants need a basic understanding of how to use the controls on their camera to focus, select shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings. Any camera that allows user control of these setting can be used.

This course involves practical picture taking, so a willingness to be photographed by other participants would also be helpful but not essential.

What you’ll learn:

You will learn about the importance of relating to the subject person and simple strategies to gain confidence in doing this. You’ll also explore selecting and using appropriate camera settings and techniques; using simple artificial light set ups and backgrounds; and recognising the strength, direction and colouration of natural light outdoors and indoors, along with simple techniques to modify this to make more effective portraits.

Please note this is not a course in setting up and using studio type flash or continuous lighting.

Course Fee: £20

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First Steps into Portrait Photography

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